About Myself

Online Presence


TESC Technical Team Lead

I have served as Webmaster and Technical Team Lead for the Triton Engineering Student Council for the 2012-2013 academic school year. I redesigned the TESC website and migrated it from a PHP backend to Ruby on Rails.

Computer Science Tutor

I have tutored for CSE 130 (Programming Language Paradigms) at UCSD for three quarters. During Fall Quarter 2012 (under Professor Jhala) and Winter and Spring Quarter 2013 (under Professor Lerner). My responsibilities included holding lab hours in the Computer Science basement lab (2-4 hours a week) and monitoring the class message board on Piazza. Responsible for an average response time of 21 minutes for the Winter 2013 board and helped ensure that all 462 student questions were answered.
Each class explored the functional, object-oriented, and logic programming paradignms. In Fall 2012, OCaml, Scala, and Prolog were used respectively. During Winter/Spring 2013, Ocaml, Python, and Prolog were taught.

CrossFit WebApp

For CSE 110 (Software Engineering), I worked with a team of 9 others to develop a web application designed for followers of the CrossFit exercise program. Made decisions on how to model our data and what schema to use for our database. Learned Ruby on Rails during the 10 weeks we spent working on the project.
Source code for our application can be found here.